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  • Pack Expo Interview: HL6200 High Speed Row Forming Palletizer

    by Columbia Palletizers | Oct 27, 2015

    Packaging World interviewed Sales Director, Ted Yeigh, regarding the third and final model of the high level series; the HL6200. The HL6200 includes Columbia’s industry-leading safety and guarding system that provides “next level protection”. The flexibility of the HL6200 meets current and future packaging needs with the easy to operate Product Manager HMI and layer forming features; making layer pattern forming and alterations a breeze. Maximum performance is found with speeds up to 120 cases per minute and superior reliability & accuracy, the HL6200 is sure to meet the demands of your production requirements.

  • New at Pack Expo! HL6200 High Speed Row Forming Palletizer

    by Columbia Palletizers | Sep 26, 2015

    We are excited to showcase the new HL6200 high-speed row forming palletizer at Pack Expo, Booth C-1613 next week. The HL6200 is the fastest row forming palletizer in the industry. The HL6200 includes Columbia’s Category 3, Performance Level D safety system that utilizes Fortress trapped-key components, full height light curtains and a comprehensive guard package. The flexibility of the HL6200 meets current and future packaging needs with the easy to operate Product Manager HMI and layer forming features, making layer pattern forming and alterations a breeze. With speeds up to 120 cases per minute and superior reliability & accuracy, the HL6200 is sure to meet the demands of your production requirements. See the HL6200 in action at booth C-1613!

  • Thanks for Visiting Us at ProMat

    by Columbia Palletizers | Mar 27, 2015
    The ProMat Show in Chicago hit a new record attendance with over 35,000 attendees! Columbia's Load Transfer Station with Pallet Cart demo was a huge success, if you didn't have a chance to stop by to see the demo in action, you can view a video now.

  • Pack Expo East

    by Columbia Palletizers | Feb 25, 2015
    This past week Columbia/Okura and Columbia Machine’s Palletizing division attended the first annual Pack Expo East in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  This event was sponsored by PMMI (Packaging, Machinery, Manufactures Institute) an association that Columbia Machine is an active member of.  This trade show had over 6,500 attendees and brought in top-tier processing and packaging suppliers together in a location that is convenient for attendees from the Northeast and easily accessible by air from other regions.

  • Latin American Sales Meeting

    by Columbia Palletizers | Feb 25, 2015
    This past week Columbia Machine and Columbia/Okura LLC., hosted the Latin American sales groups for a week long sales meeting.  Representation from Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Brazil were all present.  The week consisted of training, tours, competitor discussions, and tools were taught and given to better service their territories.  Great week had by all!  Looking forward to the next steps our reps plan to take in the months to come.

  • Palletizing Solutions Found at Pack Expo

    by Columbia Palletizers | Nov 26, 2014

    Columbia Machine & Columbia//Okura demonstrated leading palletizing technologies at the Pack Expo International Show that took place in Chicago the week of November 2nd. It was exciting to feature a closed-loop inline palletizing system with a robotic depalletizer that was fully operational in the booth. The system featured Columbia’s HL7200 high level, inline palletizer and Columbia/Okura’s model A1800 robotic palletizer/depalletizer.

    Pack Expo 2014

    During the show Ted Yeigh, Sales Director of the Palletizer Division, participated in an interview with Packaging World and discussed the benefits of the HL7200. Click below to watch the full interview.

  • School Supplies Drive

    by Columbia Palletizers | Aug 04, 2014
    We're proudly participating in this years KGW School Supply Drive. Every year, KGW partners with local businesses to collect and deliver much needed school supplies to thousands of students in local school districts.

    Please stop by our main office at 107 Grand Blvd. Vancouver, WA 98661 with donations – we’ll be collecting supplies between 8/1 and 8/22. Your donations will help more kids than ever go back to school prepared and ready to succeed!

  • Visit Booth # 1700 at the Expo Pack Show

    by Columbia Palletizers | Jun 18, 2014

    Find answers to your palletizing, load transfer and system questions at booth #1700 at the Expo Pack Show this week! For more information about the Expo Pack Show click here.

    Expo Pack Booth 1700
  • Watch Columbia’s New Systems Integration Video

    by Columbia Palletizers | May 08, 2014

    Columbia Machine recently completed a successful installation in Dallas, TX at the Barcel USA plant. This was a turnkey designed, supplied and installed solution that included 5 Columbia HL2000 High Level Palletizers and all the system components. The system integration included Hytrol's infeed case conveyors, 5 Ryson spiral elevators, Prime Conveyor's empty and full load pallet conveyors, a Phoenix ring stretch wrapper, extensive operator platform, pallet handling controls, electrical and mechanical installation and on-site project management.

    Watch the video for a tour of the complete palletizing system.

    For more information on Columbia’s System Integration capabilities click here.

  • Columbia Machine Hosts Bring Your Child to Work Day

    by Columbia Palletizers | Apr 25, 2014

    Columbia Machine planned a fun filled event for the kids, grand-kids, nieces and nephews of all the employees at Columbia Machine. The kids followed an order from beginning to end learning how domestic orders differ from international orders. The tour included stops at Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Engineering, Fabrication, Palletizer Assembly and Shipping. 

    Children at Columbia Machine celebrating Bring Your Child to Work event

    We hope this event helped show the kids the many opportunities available in the manufacturing industry.

    Thank you to everyone who helped made this a special day at Columbia!

  • Congratulations to Blue Diamond Growers

    by Columbia Palletizers | Apr 23, 2014

    Blue Diamond selected Columbia Machine to provide and integrate a multi-line palletizing system with the goal of not only meeting their current packaging needs, but also with the capacity and flexibility to handle future production growth.

    Blue Diamond Growers Palletizer

    The palletizing system Columbia delivered receives products from three production lines feeding into a single HL6000 high-level palletizer. Each line included a spiral elevator and case accumulation conveyors; at the discharge of the palletizer, a full load pallet conveyor system tracked, accumulated and conveyed full loads of each SKU to a centralized stretch wrapper. 

    In addition to these components, Columbia also provided the controls hardware and software to operate the system. Individual PLCs were used to control each sub-system and they were interfaced using Ethernet communication for reporting to the host computer. Columbia Machine accommodated Blue Diamond’s ability to expand when needed by providing a flexible packaging line that allows a fourth production line to be added using the existing Columbia HL6000. 

    To read the full article click here.

  • 2014 Safety BBQ - Columbia Palletizer Blog

    by Columbia Machine | Apr 17, 2014

    Today Columbia Machine & Columbia/Okura LLC celebrated a record setting injury free length of time!  For over 6 months, not a single time loss injury has been recorded.  Also, we celebrate 176 days without any recordable injuries.  This perfect record extends back to 2013 and we are positive that we can keep our impressive safety trend going. We honored our employees for their efforts with a catered BBQ by Famous Dave’s Restaurant.  It was a great opportunity to gather as a company and recognize our achievement.  Safety is priority number one for Columbia.  Whether it be in one of our facilities or in a customer’s plant, we strive to create the safest environment we can. Keep up the good work.

    Safety doesn’t happen by accident. 

    Safety BBQ

  • MODEX 2014

    by Columbia Machine | Mar 18, 2014

    Be sure to come by and see Columbia's LTS (Load Transfer Station) demo at MODEX Booth #9327!

    MODEX 2014

  • Go Hawks!

    by Columbia Palletizers | Jan 31, 2014
    Columbia Machine's "Super Bowl Spirit Day" was a great success! We're looking forward to the game on Sunday! Go Hawks!!

    Go Hawks
  • Visit Columbia Machine at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium

    by Columbia Palletizers | Jan 22, 2014
    Find your palletizing solution in Booth #1606 at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium January 29th & 30that the Sacramento Convention Center.

    Columbia Machine at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium
  • Happy Thanksgiving

    by Columbia Machine | Nov 27, 2013
    Columbia Machine, Inc. wishes you and your family a happy Thanksgiving.

    Happy Thanksgiving from Columbia
  • McDougall & Sons: Streamlining Pallet Handling

    by Columbia Palletizers | Oct 29, 2013

    “The machine is worth its weight in gold.” Says Dave Whaley, Assistant Supervisor, from McDougall & Sons. What machine? You might be asking yourself. It is Columbia Machine’s Load Transfer Station.

    McDougall & Sons is a fruit distributor located in Wenatchee, WA – the heart of apple country. In a single year they handle over 2 million cases of apples and 600,000 cases of cherries. The challenge they faced in 2011 was the need to transfer the pallet load of fruit from their in-house pallet to a shipping pallet.  The in-house pallet is slightly larger to allow for corner boards to be used so that they can stack three pallet loads of product on top of one another. This method of stacking saves them on the cost and space of racking. When a load of product needs to go out to the customer the product needs to be transferred from their in-house pallet onto a CHEP, Airway or 4-way pallet for transportation.

    The current method that they used was no longer reliable. It took up to 3 people to complete a transfer of product and at times the bottom boards of the pallet would damage the bottom layer of product. When this damage took place, the trucking company was often held liable for the damaged product. This was making for an inefficient process and unhappy truck drivers.

    Load Transfer Station Transferring Apple Cases

    “With a Columbia Load Transfer Station, McDougall & Sons has seen a huge increase in efficiency within the transferring process – now we are able to easily transfer up to 300 pallets per day during peak season.” says Don Bellinger the Shipping Manager at McDougall & Sons.  “Not only is it a good machine, but we were able to easily install the LTS ourselves and have not had any need for service support.”

    For more information on pallet transfer stations visit www.loadtransfer.net

  • Q&A: How the HL7200 leads in safety, flexibility and performance

    by Columbia Palletizers | Oct 23, 2013

    Packaging Digest’s Executive Editor, Lisa McTigue Pierce, interviewed Columbia Machine’s Sales Director, Ted Yeigh, to better understand how Columbia’s new HL7200 High Speed, Inline Palletizer is leading the palletizer industry in safety, flexibility and performance.

    Question: Why have you focused on designing an industry-leading safety package for the new HL7200 high speed, inline palletizer?

    Safety is a very high priority for Columbia Machine and obviously for our customers too.  Three or four years ago, Columbia Machine made Category 3 Safety components standard on our entire product line.  We were starting to see more and more customer specifications calling for Cat 3.  When items are quoted as an option, they are more expensive than if that same content becomes part of a standard package.  Yes the base price goes up some when the content expands but not nearly as much as if that same content is included as an option.

    Two things came together when discussing the features of the HL7200: First, it makes sense to offer machinery with the latest available technology. Second, we knew there was already a demand and acceptance for machinery equipped with more safety content.

    The demands for high throughput and increased OEE led us to include additional safety components - the necessary components to allow for OSHA compliant “Minor Servicing”.  Minor Servicing is defined as “operations that are considered routine, repetitive and integral to the normal operation of the machine”.  When combined, these factors provide the latest in safety components and methodology adding tremendous value for the end user.

    How is the layer table more configurable than competitive models?

      Flexibility was also one of the cornerstones of the development parameters for this palletizer.  The digitally controlled lane positioners are programmable through the HMI and allow the two outside lanes on each side of the laner to move to pre-programmed locations.  This means that when a new product is created or there is a change to an existing package, a new layer pattern can be programmed in a matter of minutes without the need to hire a service tech. The layer table can be equipped with segmented pop up “stops” that allows for better control of the cases on the layer table.

    Question: What prompts and/or help does the system provide to optimize pallet patterns based on case and pallet sizes?

    Answer: Patterns can be added or modified through the HMI.  It is important to understand the layer patterns are generally created long before the product is run on a palletizer (they are entered into or programmed at the palletizer).  The Packaging Engineers usually create the layer patterns while the primary and secondary packing is being designed, factoring in total load size desired by their customers, warehousing / distribution capabilities, load stability, shipping efficiencies etc.  The palletizer is programmed to do what you tell it to do.  It is not designed to “think” of an alternate pattern.  An enhanced HMI package is available that includes graphical layer pattern creation software like Topps or Cape that is accessible via the HMI and via Ethernet.  With the enhanced package, alternate patterns can be suggested but it would not recommend an optimized pattern.

    Question: What is the Smart Squeeze technology and how does it work?

    “Smart Squeeze” is included on all Columbia palletizers.  As part of the recipe for a given SKU or product ID, the side squeezers (layer conditioners) are programmed to go to a certain position on each layer.  If the side squeezers don’t get to their pre-programmed position within a certain amount of time, the palletizer will go in to a controlled stop mode and provide feedback to the operator, through the HMI and stack light, that attention to the layer formation may be required.  What this does is alert the operator that a down-time event has occurred, likely due to an improperly orientated case.  The advantage here is that this can be corrected before a compromised layer is formed causing a potentially longer and messier stoppage later in the palletizing process.  Smart Squeeze also helps to minimize product damage and increase overall uptime and throughput by raising OEE.   

    Visit the HL7200 product page for more information and or the video below.

  • STEM Fest 2013 Recap

    by Columbia Palletizers | Oct 17, 2013

    Columbia Machine was honored to take part in the first annual STEM Fest that the Southwest Washington Workforce Development Council (SWWDC) hosted September 20th to 22nd. The goal of STEM Fest is to introduce students to career paths within Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

    More than 50 local organizations came together to provide hands-on activities, field trips, tours, presentations, contests and experiments to more than 1,800 K-12 students, parents and teachers; opening their eyes to the potential career choices including scientists, engineers or mathematicians.

    STEM Fest Group

    During the visit at Columbia Machine, the students were divided into teams of 10 with the task to manually palletize cases on a pallet. Part of the challenge was determining how to make all 60 boxes fit onto a pallet, creating an interlocking pattern.

    STEM Fest Challenge

    By the end of the day the students had a better understanding of a local companies need for engineers, welders, machinists, fabricators and assemblers within the Palletizer Division at Columbia Machine.

    For more information about STEM Fest visit http://www.stem-fest.com

  • Pack Expo Recap

    by Columbia Palletizers | Oct 11, 2013

    It was great seeing everyone at the PACK Expo Show this year!  The Columbia Machine & Columbia/Okura booth was packed full of exciting equipment... Columbia Machine featured the new HL7200 high speed, inline palletizer and a 1/8th scale size LTS to easily show the pallet transfer process. Columbia/Okura demonstrated the flexibility of their A1800 Robotic Palletizer.

    The NEW HL7200 high speed, inline palletizer incorporates the industry-leading safety package, ultimate flexibility and highest performance.  Of special note was the fully integrated upper level guarding including trapped key components. Columbia’s HL7200 will easily palletize 72 - 120 cases per minute (depending on pattern).

    Columbia/Okura’s high speed model A1800 robotic palletizer demonstrated its flexibility by handling bags, cases and trays in a pick and place formation. The system is programmed using the company’s easy-to-use (OXPA) pallet pattern software. 

    The Load Transfer Station transfers product from one load base type to another; including wood to in-house “clean” pallets, plastic to wood, or other combinations including pallet to slip sheet. There are over 600 Columbia LTS units installed in a variety of industries including food processing, pharmaceutical, beverage and warehousing and distribution centers.

    During the show, Ted Yeigh, our Sales Director, was interviewed for Packaging World’s Pack Expo Wrap-Up Newsletter.  This video provides a great introduction to the HL7200.