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Columbia Palletizer & Load Transfer Station Blog

  • MODEX 2014

    by Columbia Machine | Mar 18, 2014
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  • Go Hawks!

    by Columbia Palletizers | Jan 31, 2014
    Columbia Machine's "Super Bowl Spirit Day" was a great success! We're looking forward to the game on Sunday! Go Hawks!!
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  • Visit Columbia Machine at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium

    by Columbia Palletizers | Jan 22, 2014
    Columbia Machine can be found at Booth # 1606 at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium January 29th & 30th.
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  • Happy Thanksgiving

    by Columbia Machine | Nov 27, 2013
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  • McDougall & Sons: Streamlining Pallet Handling

    by Columbia Palletizers | Oct 29, 2013
    McDougall & Sons, a fruit distributor in Wenatchee, WA, faced the challenge of needing to transfer the pallet load of fruit from their in-house pallet to a shipping pallet. They found success with the use of a Columbia Machine load transfer station.
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  • Q&A: How the HL7200 leads in safety, flexibility and performance

    by Columbia Palletizers | Oct 23, 2013
    Learn how the HL7200 leads the palletizer industry in safety, flexibility and performance by reading the interview that took place with Packaging Digest.
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  • STEM Fest 2013 Recap

    by Columbia Palletizers | Oct 17, 2013
    Columbia Machine was honored to take part in the first annual STEM Fest that the Southwest Washington Workforce Development Council (SWWDC) hosted September 20th to 22nd. The goal of STEM Fest is to introduce students to career paths within Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
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  • Pack Expo Recap

    by Columbia Palletizers | Oct 11, 2013
    It was great seeing everyone at the PACK Expo Show this year! The Columbia Machine & Columbia/Okura booth was packed full of exciting equipment... Columbia Machine featured the new HL7200 high speed, inline palletizer and a 1/8th scale size LTS to easily show the pallet transfer process. Columbia/Okura demonstrated the flexibility of their A1800 Robotic Palletizer.
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  • New HL7200 High Speed, Inline Palletizer

    by Columbia Palletizers | Sep 19, 2013
    Columbia Machine is redefining the “High Speed Palletizing” market with the launch of the NEW HL7200 High Speed, Inline Palletizer. The HL7200 high speed palletizer incorporates industry-leading safety package, ultimate flexibility and highest performance level in a robust and reliable palletizer that is easy to operate.
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  • Visit Pack Expo Booth # C-718

    by Columbia Palletizers | Sep 17, 2013
    Visit Columbia Machine at Pack Expo Booth # C-718 to see the latest palletizing innovations.
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  • What is FSMA and how can a Columbia LTS help?

    by Columbia Palletizers | Aug 09, 2013
    Learn the basics of FSMA and how a Columbia Load Transfer Station can help you comply with these new regulations.
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  • What is a Load Transfer Station?

    by Columbia Palletizers | Jun 11, 2013
    Load Transfer Stations are designed to gently move a full pallet load from one pallet to another, typically utilizing hydraulic power, without disturbing the original orientation of the load. They can be stand-alone or tie into new or existing upstream and downstream equipment.
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  • “Automated Palletizers, emphasize flexibility, safety” feature article in MMH

    by Columbia Palletizers | Apr 15, 2013
    Recently Columbia Machine was featured in an article in Modern Materials Handling, written by Sara Pearson Specter that sheds light on the recent packaging trends and how they are increasing the need for automated palletizing solutions.
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  • Advantages to Robotic Palletizers

    by Columbia Palletizers | Apr 04, 2013
    Over the past few weeks we reviewed the operation and advantages of the floor level palletizer and high level palletizer. This week we will look at understanding the different types of robotic palletizers.
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  • Advantages to High Level Palletizers - Columbia Palletizer Blog

    by Columbia Palletizers | Mar 26, 2013
    Last week we reviewed the operation and advantages of the floor level palletizers. This week we discuss the operation and advantages of high level palletizers.
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  • Advantages of a Low Level Palletizer - Columbia Palletizer Blog

    by Columbia Palletizers | Mar 19, 2013
    It is important to understand the differences between the different types of palletizers and the advantages that each provide. This week we will focus on the floor level palletizers.
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  • What is a Palletizer? - Columbia Palletizer Blog

    by Columbia Palletizers | Feb 25, 2013
    Many people new to the packaging industry ask “What is a Palletizer?” This blog entry will answer this question and be the beginning of a series talking about the different types of palletizers.
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  • Maximizing Productivity - Columbia Palletizer Blog

    by Columbia Machine | Feb 18, 2013
    Find out how Columbia Machine was able to seamlessly integrate a dual infeed system at Ken’s Foods to dramatically improve their case throughput.
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  • Recap of January Trade Shows - Columbia Palleitzer Blog

    by Columbia Machine | Feb 11, 2013
    It has been a busy month for the Palletizer Division at Columbia Machine. We have participated in three shows so far this year: NWFPA, ProMat and Unified Wine & Grape Symposium.
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  • Community Recognition - Columbia Palletizer Blog

    by Columbia Machine | Feb 07, 2013
    Columbia Machine has recently been recognized by community organizations including the Clark County Green Business Program and Orion Environmental Stewardship Award.
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