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​New at Pack Expo, Columbia Machine will unveil the third and final model of the high level series; the HL6200. The HL6200 is the fastest row forming palletizer in the industry and will operate as part of a closed loop system that includes case conveyor & Columbia/Okura robotic depalletizer. Learn how Columbia incorporates safety, flexibility & performance into all of their solutions by visiting booth #1613.

Pack Expo 2015

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Pack Expo 2015

The HL6200 is the fastest row forming palletizer in the industry. The HL6200 includes Columbia’s Category 3, Performance Level D safety system that utilizes Fortress trapped-key components, full height light curtains and a comprehensive guard package. The flexibility of the HL6200 meets current and future packaging needs with the easy to operate Product Manager HMI and layer forming features, making layer pattern forming and alterations a breeze. With speeds up to 120 cases per minute and superior reliability & accuracy, the HL6200 is sure to meet the demands of your production requirements. See the HL6200 in action at booth C-1613.

Pack Expo 2014: Inline Palletizing System with Robotic Depalletizer

In 2014 Columbia & Columbia/Okura demonstrated a closed-loop inline palletizing system with a robotic depalletizer. The system featured Columbia’s HL7200 high level inline palletizer and Columbia/Okura’s model A1800 robotic palletizer / depalletizer. Columbia’s HL7200 is a high speed palletizer that incorporates Columbia’s industry-leading Category 3 safety package, tremendous flexibility and ultra-high performance.

To learn more visit the HL7200 High Speed Inline Palletizer page or the Columbia/Okura robotic palletizer page.


The HL7200 high speed, inline palletizer incorporates the industry-leading safety package, ultimate flexibility and highest performance to provide the operator a reliable palletizer that is easy to operate. Maximum performance is found 24/7 with Columbia’s HL7200 which accurately palletizes 72 – 120 cases per minute.

To learn more visit the HL7200 High Speed Inline Palletizer page

PACK EXPO 2012: FL3000-R

The FL3000-R is a high speed, floor level hybrid palletizer featuring Columbia's R-Factor technology. This hybrid solution marries robotic capability and simple conventional palletizer design into a very powerful package that includes Columbia's industry leading safety package and a fully integrated, easy to use controls package, the FL3000-R. For more information visit the Hybrid Palletizer Page.

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