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Packaging Corner: Automated palletizers emphasize flexibility, safety

New palletizer leads in safety, flexibility and performance

Palletizers adapt to product evolutions

Bulk, portion-control, lightweight, flexible and additional packaging innovations have placed a strain on production equipment such as palletizers. To adapt to the ever-expanding list of package options, conventional, hybrid and robotic palletizers as well as complementary technology have been developed that can adjust to the various demands of a production facility.

Leader in Packaging 2013

Columbia features flexible, upgradeable designs to speeds over 150 cases per minute. With over 3,500 palletizers in the industry, Columbia is considered to be the leading palletizer manufacturer in North America.

What to look for when selecting palletizing equipment

9 Tips and trends to consider when choosing palletizing equipment... 1. Look for more hybrid solutions and simultaneous operations. 2. Weight total cost of ownership and future needs when choosing palletizing technologies. 3. Don’t forget about the importance of your safety systems in updating palletizing technology.

FL3000-R high speed, floor level Palletizer

The latest innovation from Columbia Machine is changing the future of floor level palletizers. The FL3000-R is a high speed, floor level hybrid palletizer that marries robotic capability and simple conventional palletizer design into a very powerful package.

Columbia Machine defies prophets of doom through its creativity, flexibility

But Columbia Machine — which builds concrete products-making equipment and package-moving palletizers — is emphatically still here, proudly defying the prophets of American industrial decline. "It's pretty unique," said Rick Goode, the company's president and CEO, "to do all of these things under one roof."

BBQ sauce/salad dressing line built on best in class

Faced with rapid growth—driven by the popularity of its Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce—Ken’s Foods is adding new lines where needed. The Las Vegas plant has the latest.

Robots in Packaging: The Integration Imperative

In terms of images, the robot almost defines modern automotive manufacturing. The iconic mechanical arm is the star of countless commercials designed to show that a particular auto company is ahead of the curve in terms of technology. Increasingly, that’s coming to be the case with packaging as well.

Conventional palletizer with robotic capability

Instead of having to combine 2 independent control technologies to manage the functions of the robot arm and the basic machine control, all of that is done through the ControlLogix PLC. 

Vision and Robotics: What’s Coming

Ted Yeigh, director of sales for Vancouver, Wash. based machine maker Columbia Machine (www.palletizing.com), says that vision systems are used more for the upstream applications than for palletizing because robots for palletizing “are dealing with fairly homogeneous packages in known positions and known orientations.”

Floor-level palletizer offers one of the highest safety ratings

In this video, Ted Yeigh, sales director for Columbia Machine, Inc. talks about the design of the company's new FL2000 floor-level infeed palletizer, introduced at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2009. The machine features Category-3 rated electrical components and a moveable infeed "tunnel" that provides additional operator protection and allows for easy access to the infeed side. 

Fitting in with the demands of the line

Cause and effect situations are prevalent on product lines in beverage manufacturing plants. Just as a jam upstream can cause proliferation of product downstream, palletizing equipment has been affected by industry trends toward higher line speeds and lighter packages, which has influenced new advancements.

Palletizers feel the squeeze

Lightweighting has taken its hold in primary and secondary packages, but the eco-friendly packages are causing machinery downstream to adapt its handling to the often more delicate options. In addition, new value packages, including options varying from four-packs to 36-packs, have caught on with consumers and also are causing issues for machinery. For manufacturers of palletizing equipment, these innovations have spurred new developments in their machine offerings.

Logistics: Stacking up to demands

Beverage companies are keeping up with the rapid pace of the distributing industry with the help of robotic palletizing systems. No more heavy lifting is required, as palletizing and depalletizing with robotic systems enables faster turnaround and streamlined logistics.

How Palletizers Stack Up

Palletizing has become essential to the distribution of virtually every product. This article discusses robotic palletizers, depalletizers and other varieties of palletizing systems. Read on to select the right palletizers for your operations. Case palletizers, bag palletizers and more are discussed.

Proven Palletizing Technologies Reduce Labor Cost and Increase Uptime

Mission Bell Wineries achieved success after switching to a Columbia High Level palletizer. The company, which produces popular wines like Robert Mondavi, was able to reduce labor cost while increasing output. Columbia’s HL4000 palletizing system proved to be reliable, virtually maintenance-free and integrated seamlessly into the winery’s packaging system. 

Vanquishing Downtime – Pack Expo Article

An article discussing points from the Pack Expo 2008. The expo emphasized the need for short changeover and quick processing. Columbia Palletizing is mentioned for the palletizing systems which create streamlined packaging processing through robotic palletizing, depalletizers and end effectors.

Beast of Burden: Palletizers are the unsung heroes of the packaging line

An article outlining the essential role palletizers play in the packaging line. Palletizers enable a packaging operation to flow smoothly, quickly and efficiently. Whether robotic or conventional palletizers, cases can be palletized into various configurations for compact and durable loads. Palletizers can also accessorize loads with slip sheets and other protection to keep moisture out and products safe.

Transfer Stations Enable Dual-Pallet Systems

Columbia Machine Inc. has created a load transfer station which allows for transfer of palletized loads between pallets. This load transfer system allows for maximum convenience as the forklift operator can stay in the truck while the system transfers up to 50 loads per hour.