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Why Automated Pallet Load Transfer Provides the Best Handling Practice

From supplier to processor, bulk ingredients for food and pharmaceutical products are shipped and handled almost exclusively on wood pallets by forklifts, due to their weight and volume. When the ingredients are needed for use in production, however, the wood pallets have to be removed.

This means food and drug manufacturers must find a way to safely transfer bulk ingredients—whether in cartons, super sacks, bulk boxes, drums, tubs or bulk bags—onto a captive, production-dedicated plastic pallet used only within the processing area. The safest transfer solution maintains the load’s integrity, prevents potential contamination from the transport pallet and protects workers from possible injury, all while operating at a speed that does not inhibit production throughput rates.

This white paper is intended to help food and pharmaceutical manufacturers identify and understand the key features to look for when evaluating pallet-based, bulk ingredient load transfer options.